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Dear Gisella, I sent in the following letter yesterday to a large Yahoo Group:I have suffered off and on throughout most of my life from acute panic and anxiety attacks. Massive doses of Niacin (4,000 mg per day for two years) helped me 25 years ago, but when this scourge hit again in September, they didn't touch it. I tried many things, then EFT, but that didn't help. Then I found an off-shoot of EFT, and within 24 hours of my first telephone conference with one of their trained practitioners, Gisella Carrick. I knew help was forthcoming.

I've now had about 5 conferences via phone and I am NOT the same person I was 90 days ago. I now totally and completely control the attacks and nip them in the bud, without any drugs, just by reading through their "codes", as they refer to them, where you tune in mentally on different pressure points of your meridians, a quantum version of acupuncture or acupressure.

I sure wish I could get paid for making these referrals, because I'm telling the immediate world about what this technology has done for me. My principal guide, Gisella, is in FL, and it brought her back from the brink of total disaster in her life.

My gratitude is boundless and I would urge anyone to look into this. So I feel secure in recommending them. You can learn more at  

This saved my life and my marriage. No doubt about it.     Linda 

Hi Gisella,  I just wanted to give you an update. I have been clearing more traumas and doing parts work and last night got cooperation from 4000 parts around needing to be perfect to be loved. Whew!  Today I tested myself and it is showing I can eat anything - that my digestive system is 100% healed. I am taking it very slowly though to make sure this sticks.  And my system now seems to be spontaneously cleansing the parasites.

Anyway, I just wanted to update you and thank you for all your help so far. I imagine I will be calling again as needed.

I am so excited about the results that I am looking into taking some training to learn how to do this with my clients. (I don't know if you know that I am a coach.)  I am thinking of ordering the practitioner DVD series -- if you have other suggestions please let me know.

Thanks again for everything so far. You have been awesome. I especially appreciate your compassion, understanding and intuitive guidance.     Warmly, Stacey


Voices and stories of energy healings!

Dear Gisella, I found our last session fascinating in it's attention to detail - namely saliva. It was intensive and oh so promising. I was euphoric that afternoon. It lasted that long.    

Now I feel very much like the old me!     Frances

Hello Gisella, Oh my, Christmas is nearly here! As I look back through the year there are people and events that define it.  You are one of those special people. Your skill and dedication surely helped me become well.  I thanked our Lord daily that He led me to you and through Him your healing helped prepare me for this time of physical effort and great stress.  I was able to complete this difficult task without dealing with an "episode".   

I do praise God for that. Thank you for the special person you are in my life.I pray you and your family will feel the great peace and joy of our Lord during this Christmas season and that the new year is filled with His special blessings for you.     Merry Christmas, Kathie 

Dear Gisella, Deepest love and gratitude. I have been a very fortunate woman. My life has been a healing journey from conception on. Every step perfect. I knew I was ready for core work, and so,the right help would emerge for that and so, it did. I have been experiencing a breakthrough into allowing more and more light as I heal and reclaim soul parts. I am finding this easy and natural now. It is not only empowering my physical healing, but expanding the illumination process. I have been involved in throughout my life exponentially.

I am a person who has been given the gift of self-healing and then articulating each step of my path for others. So, as I move through this I am experiencing inspiration as a healer/writer. I will both credit you in my book and recommend you to personal friends and clients whom I feel will benefit from your help. I hope this will be a blessing to many people. You are welcome to use this testimonial, if you like, to help others give themselves permission to say "yes" to the next step in their own healing.  

In love & Light.     Kanta

In August 2007 I ended up living in a trailer because I was so sensitive to everything, most of all electricity. I could not breathe, eat or sleep. Because I had read a lot about diet on Mercola I immediately cut out sugar and gluten.

I slowly got better and was able to live at home again after 3-4 months but after christmas (and not keeping to the diet) I totally crashed again, this time worse than before. I understand now that even though my physical body was healthier, I still had unresolved traumas and wrong beliefs, and Christmas was spent with relatives. Going back on healthy foods had very little effect and I prayed that I would either die or be healed... I started working with Gisella in February and after only 4-5 months was able to go to my kids activities, do shopping, take care of my family.

In september we were away for 2 weekends as a family which included car journeys, Jacuzzis, indoor pools, restaurants, traveling on large ferries etc. In October I spent 3 days at a guesthouse for a mom´s conference. All things I never thought I would do again.

Gisella is absolutely amazing at finding out exactly whats out of balance and fixing it and always knows exactly what advice to give.

I thank God every day for finding this treatment and for getting my life back.     Michelle

Dear Gisella,  I want to thank you for the gift.  I am going to San Francisco with an old friend tomorrow. (A person people in the EI community call a normie).  It is a trip I would never have  been able to make without this work.  Chemical  and electrical sensitivity kept me a prisoner in my safe  and dark  little world and I could not find my way out.  Luckily I knew that this was a trap and if I did not do something my life and my husbands would never be about anything but this illness.  We are both so grateful.  It has set us free!     Love Sheila and Mike 

Hi Gisella, I cannot tell you how awesome I've been feeling since we worked together last week!!  I am ecstatic about the shift I've had!!  And I'm seeing change in most areas of my life - Yay!!

Thank you a million times!!     Holly 

My last appointment with you was very powerful. I am down to 1/2 pill of blood pressure medicine a day and my blood pressure is 120/75 and pulse 65. I know I don't need the other half of pill but am getting off it slowly.

I am so grateful for you.      Jennifer

Helen at her first improv performance!

Immediately after the session it was as if a veil had been lifted.  Yes, I am more at peace with things. No headaches and no out of control anxiety.

Thank you very much.     PEACE -WB

You never think it can happen to you – a disabling illness that’s so unusual Western medicine can’t diagnose it, let alone cure it. But if you’re reading this, of course you know that’s not true, it can happen to anyone.  I became ill from toxic mold poisoning several years ago from the house I was living in. I had trouble breathing, walking, and remembering simple things like my phone number. After finding the source of my illness I embarked on a draconian road to wellness, namely by selling my home and all of it’s contents and starting over. Unfortunately, toxic mold poisoning often comes with an unfortunate set of co-conditions including chemical and electromagnetic field sensitivity. Although I did find some doctors who helped me detox and regain health, I never got completely well. One doctor, who had endured the same sickness as me, said the treatment that helped her the most was energy healing with Gisella Carrick. I had always been a firm believer in Western medicine so I disregarded this as just another far-fetched treatment scam.

Eventually, and I’m still not sure why, I got worse and became so sensitized to the world I found it unbearable to live in society. Chemicals and clothing made me so ill I threw them away after one wearing. The electricity and EMFs in buildings made me feel like I was being electrocuted so I was reduced to living in a tent in the woods to escape cell phone towers and Wi-Fi.

Then something miraculous happened. While I was on a phone call to a friend, weeping and at the end of my rope, a woman who had overheard my conversation said she went through the exact same ordeal, and after many different treatments found the one thing that truly helped her were sessions with Gisella Carrick. The coincidence was unnerving but gave me a new feeling of hope. Sometimes you don’t have the courage to try new things until you’ve hit rock bottom. I didn’t fully understand energy healing (I still don’t) but finally I was hell-bent on trying it.  From our first conversation, I knew Gisella was going to make a huge impact on my health and my life. What struck me first was how no- nonsense she is. Gisella gets right down to business. Your improvement is her sole motivation. She went through the same type of illness I had and recovered fully. She knew things about me that no one could have ever known.

With her help, I was able to pick up my life and heal. Anytime I would have a setback, and there were quite a few in the beginning, she was able to put me back on the right path and I immediately felt better. And now, almost a year later, I am happily married and living in Scotland -something I never dreamed would be possible.  Skepticism has its place, but taking a leap of faith and trying energy healing with Gisella is probably the smartest thing I’ve ever done. I was able to embrace the mystery, and now it is paying in dividends. I only wish I had done it sooner.  -Diana (51) 

This is just a note to express our gratitude for your work with our daughter. These techniques have empowered her to participate in her life and move forward.When something like Christine's condition happens; it happens to the entire family. In this wonderful season of resurrection, the comfort of hope now grows within us.    

Many blessings to you, Sheila & Stephen

I wanted to take the time to write about my experience with Gisella.  I had suffered from Lyme Disease and heart issues for many years.  The doctors said I would have to have an ablation.  The last eight months I had been in constant aflutter.  I turned to her and she helped me get over the hump.  I am in alternative medicine and I truly believe it was the push to get me into sinus rhythm.  I have been normal for ten weeks now.  I am forever grateful to her.    Justin

Prior to finding Gisella Carrick, my son age 14, was becoming increasingly symptomatic over a period of years from sensitivities which developed after diagnoses and ongoing treatment for chronic Lyme disease, associated confections, together with a long-term toxic mold exposure. He suffered from extreme headaches, bone pain, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, and neurological events, food sensitivities, with a specific symptom list too long to mention. My family's life was turned completely upside down as his illness progressed. My son and I were forced to move away from our home, separate from the rest of my family, to live in isolation and just try to survive because his sensitivities to things, environments, and people were so strong. He could have up to 15 or more severe reactions a day. We visited over 50 doctors trying to address his symptoms and underlying illnesses. Most doctors could not reconcile his symptom set with their area of expertise and either dismissed us or passed us on to another practitioner. Even the rare sincere and well-meaning doctors that were willing to work with him that had experience in his diagnoses would get frustrated as they were not accustomed to this level of sensitivity and his inability to be compliant with their treatments or protocols. 

Most treatments traumatized him and made his condition worse. Things that seemed benign and helpful for other people, supplements, vitamins, or detoxification protocols, or even alternative modalities were not things he could necessarily tolerate. His symptoms became so severe that he could no longer visit doctors, emergency rooms, healers, or their offices, traditional or alternative. 

It took a leap of faith to try one more modality, especially one so far removed from where we had started, but somehow I knew that there must be a possible route to his healing... Gisella helped both myself and my son to better understand the non-physical complexities surrounding the illness as well as helping the physical issues taxing his body. His symptoms have been resolving at a rate hard to believe. At last test, even his blood work was normalizing without any other intervention. His life is returning to a level of normalcy that had been beyond my hopes. Gisella has been unfailingly supportive and never let me give up hope even in the face of his extreme reactions and my personal despair.

Her own unique journey and absolute belief in the possibility of healing makes her work in this area invaluable.      Deborah S.

Hi,  Gisella,  Just wanted to share how my life feels forever changed .... the session has had far-reaching effect.  I am beginning to be freed from the prison of a childhood of living with criticism so much that I strived to remain as unobtrusive as possible.

Since yesterday I am being bombarded with insights about times I held back and geared my thoughts/actions too much towards how people would react.  I recognized my behavior in theory but did not realize the extent of negative emotional depth. Life seems easier than what I make it. Unnecessary suffering.

Do you believe that life presents a thread of similar situations over and over that we struggle with until the lesson is learned? I believe that is happening to me. So many events recently  where people seem to clamor for things from me --  come to my attention and tug at my heart.  But now I know I yield to my own internal pressure and let outer environment control . I'm more confident about dealing with those situations.

I think this is why the fungus has found a gateway into over-bonding with me.The boundaries that were too loose, I could see what I was doing in a manner like a   "flat-plane"  but not multi- dimensional as I do now.. It's like an unhealthy spiderweb of connections crossed and interwoven into the events of my life.

I can't begin to tell you the amount of relief and un-burdenness I feel...Even today, in the course of one morning,  I had opportunities to practice. And I even welcome more chances as an adventure! I got decisive about certain things today and other things, I will allow myself to play by ear without a bunch of 'shoulds' plaguing me.  

Many thanks for the new-found experience.     Mary

Dear reader,
I got sick a month before I turned 17 years old. I was experiencing random health issues before that for years.  I was healthy, growing up, highly involved in a demanding school, playing sports and extra-curricular activities.  I grew up in a high stress environment and by age 16 describing myself as being burnt out would be a gross understatement.  Entering my junior year of high school, I got sick with a mononucleosis-like illness and was not getting better.  I was suffering from chronic debilitating fatigue, viral issues, sleep issues and didn't know what was happening to me.  I went to so many different doctors-allopathic, naturopathic, and TCM trying along with researching natural remedies on my own to find a way to get better.  I had to drop out of high school at seventeen because I was too sick to attend.  I was scared.  By my eighteenth birthday I had improved somewhat but was still suffering.  This is when I was then diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease.  After being finally diagnosed, I remember feeling terror, relief and hope.  Finally I had label to slap on the myriad of painful synonyms that had taken over my life for a prolonged period of time.  A promise to feel better mixed with the information of “No cure for Lyme” and dangerous/brutal/questionable long term treatment in store.  Long term antibiotics mixed with natural treatments seemed to be the protocol that people who seemed to get better, or at least somewhat-to-mostly better had done.  The whole “Long Term Antibiotics” treatment worried me.  “Lyme Literate Doctors” mostly agree that long term antibiotic treatment is necessary, the alternative was spend a life in misery, illness, possibly death from complications.  Some even compare Lyme to HIV.  So stark and gloomy, those were my options.  I found the best most experienced doctors in the field and the consensus was to go forth with treatment.  Antibiotics can make you feel like terrible especially for several months at a time.  I had to take breaks in the antibiotic treatments.  At this point I had no friends because being chronically ill is a full time job and not many people understand or know what to do with or around you.  How would I as a 17 year old teenager be able to even keep a social life when I didn't know if I could get up the next day because i was so exhausted?  People aren't trying to be insensitive they're just people and don't know how to deal with others who are sick, but nonetheless being isolated was not fun on top of everything else.  I spent much of my time researching what I might have and then once I was diagnosed researching the “proper” and “safest” and “ most effective”treatment methods”.

By the Spring of 2012 I had improved considerably, but not fully.  I thought I was coming “out of it”.  What I had failed to address (because I didn't know any better) was all the emotional and spiritual gunk I had been holding on to for years, that was affecting my physical health and was keeping me sick.  It can be scary to admit that you’re human, that you have made mistakes, that you are deeply flawed just like everyone else, (especially if you are surrounded in a perfection-oriented environment), that you have issues to address and that you need to move on from them-and then doing it.  It can be scary to accept that you have full responsibility for your own life, including your health.  That no matter what anyone did to you or how you were raised or what you thought was correct, you are the only one that has true responsibility to take care of yourself.  NO one can really do that for you.  I know this literally because after I had improved in 2012...I also crashed big time in 2012.  I became very ill, more than I thought was even possible and ended up in the hospital after a cross country trip to see a doctor did not go well (I was already very ill and at death’s door at that point).  Traveling cross country was the last thing my body seemed able to handle at the time, and after undergoing a natural treatment that seemed to push my body over the edge,  I ended up in the hospital, unable to walk or hold my urine, I even stopped being able to move my body entirely.  I did not know what was wrong with me and the doctors had their hunches as to what was going on but did not how to help me.  I did not know if I was going to live and neither did my family.  I subsequently spent 4 months in two different nursing homes having people literally wipe my ass because I could not do it myself.  I was age 19 and in a nursing home.  At some point I had developed severe pain issues that would be so unbearable that I did not know if I could keep going.  With a frightening and uncertain future, I had one objective: stay alive.  I tried to make the best of the situation and work each day to be healthy to the best of my knowledge at the time, which wasn't always productive.  One thing that helped was visualizing being well and walking again and even in that state I did improve.  Humour had always been a close friend of mine and I continued to laugh through the fear and uncertainty, which helped.  I joked with nurses, made friends with EMTs, and laughed with CNAs, making fun of silly nurses that didn't know what they were doing.  My family had been furiously fixing their home from mold damage that had contributed to my illness.  Finally I was able to go home after four months of fresh living hell.  I then spent three years alternating between being completely bedridden and able to sit in a wheelchair.  At some point along the way I had also developed severe chemical sensitivities and allergies that significantly limited where I could go or who I could be around and when I did venture out I had to wear a face mask because even slight odors in the air would give me allergic reactions.  I had gone through three different PICC Lines in both arms over three years and was on TPN for over a year, which is Intravenous Food, because I had such severe food allergies that I could not eat.  I also had been experiencing symptoms from EMFs exposure which were frightening.  Over those three years I would fluctuate between improving to stagnating to getting worse again.  It felt like I no longer had a place in our modern world.  During all of this I consumed as much pop culture and art as I could from books on tape, listening to CDs, to reading when I could or having others read to me when I could not, and that helped.  I watched a lot of films, thank God for television, although at some points I was so sick i did not have the strength even to do that.  When I was the sickest I had been, I just laid there, and that was the emptiest and loneliest I had ever been in my life.

In Year 2 of no longer walking, someone at the doctor’s office I would frequent told me about Gisella and her story of healing.  By that point I was willing to try anything.  I still had a dream to heal and walk again, as far fetched as it seemed, I still believed I could get better.  Making the decision to call Gisella and do this energy healing has been the best decision I had made in my lifetime thus far.

She has learned how to let the Divine (yes the Divine. Divine Energy, Divine Love, Divine Truth, God, whatever you want to call it) guide her in finding the root of the issue.  To find and address the cause of illness or disease or whatever it is that’s keeping you stuck, and allow you to heal yourself.  When I did start working with Gisella it was sometimes hard for me to truly see myself walking again, much less being completely well.  I went from yearning to heal and trying to visualize myself well, to actually believing I could be fully well, and then healing in real time.  She helped me to realize that I had so many limiting and blocking beliefs about myself and the world that were blocking me from healing.

The two other best decisions I have made in my lifetime were choosing to believe, in myself, in my ability to heal, in the Divine which I had stopped believing in almost completely by that point, and in Good.  The best decision was choosing to heal, which is so much braver than staying sick, or even dying.  I chose to live and LET GO, of everything that had made me sick, that I was holding onto spiritually, emotionally, and physically and that was literally keeping me in a hospital bed unable to participate in life, in love, or in freedom.  Unable to fall in love, have real friendships, go to school, or travel, even just to the grocery store.  Even just experience a day of peace and relaxation.

Well Guess what, I get to do all of this now.  By choosing to let go of negative beliefs and past experiences, of things I cannot and will not change no matter what I do, and of useless pain and suffering, I chose to truly live.  I made the choice to not just survive, but thrive.  I can’t say enough: Going on this healing journey with God and Gisella as my guide was literally the best choice I've ever made.  Today I am completely healthy.  I worked my ass off to get there and Gisella showed me the way.  She helped me see the truth of who I am today, who I am as a person, that I have a purpose here far greater than being stuck in a hospital bed unable to move.  That my light is needed here on Earth (my phrasing) and I can show others too just by being my true self. My healthy and well self.

Today my light shines strong, and I allow it to.  Even at my sickest I still had a light in me, as everyone does, and now I get to really show it and shine it fully. I get to benefit from that light more than I ever have.  I have realized the true intention of the Divine, which is for all of us to be healthy.  I am living proof. No more frightening symptoms, no more debilitating pain.  No more caregivers, no more wheelchair, no more hospital bed.  NO MORE ALLERIGIES.  No more sensitivities.  NO more Lyme Disease. NO MORE FEAR.  This year I started college, I do Improv Comedy at an awesome, well known Comedy House, I have met amazing people and made amazing friends and I just started doing Acrobatic Yoga.  I did my first handstand on top of another person’s hands no less, just last week. I am pursuing my lifelong love of photography and walking the streets of Dallas in search of that next great shot.  I am dancing.  Dancing in a club (yes club!) with girlfriends, dancing in the kitchen while I make breakfast, dancing in the car on the way home from a beautiful night out with a cute boy I met at Improv School. :D

I am dating now.  I am going to concerts again.  I am singing karaoke and drinking a vodka soda on a Saturday night, like a normal healthy person in their early twenties.  Oh wait, I am a normal healthy person in their early twenties.  Now I am. I have the best life I could ever have imagined.  Better.  My life is literally better than I could have even thought it could be.  I am so grateful for who I am today, and who I was before and who I decided to become.  Thank you Gisella for helping me do this.  For showing me that I could.  For telling me that I could, and telling it to me straight, telling it like it is.  For showing me the light that I have always had and always have access to.  I am so, so grateful and so, so lucky.  But the cool thing is it is not luck.  I CHOSE.  I WORKED. I DID.  I CHOSE LIFE.  I CHOSE LOVE.  AND I CHOSE TO DO WHAT SCARED ME.  WHICH SURPRISINGLY WAS TO HEAL.  AND TO TRULY LIVE MY LIFE.

It’s not luck or a coincidence that you are reading my testimonial right now.  You've already come this far.  If you believe even just a little bit, that you have something to live for, that you have something to give, or beautiful you still want to experience, then work with Gisella.  Let yourself win for once.  You are so human and so lovely, so worthy of love and of healing.  And of happiness.  Trust that you are here for a reason. And enjoy this ride.  Commit to yourself healing, give yourself what you deserve which is just that: a life, and an enjoyable one at that.  If I can do it, so can you.  See for yourself. All you have to do is believe.
I have to go to my Acro Yoga class now. I expect I’ll be seeing you there. :)
-Helen H.