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Gisella Carrick

Energy Healing Practitioner

​Prior to becoming ill, Gisella was a translator in the medical and high-tech industries. She is fluent in Spanish and proficient in French and Portuguese. Gisella now spends her time being a mom and wife and helping others with chronic illness through Energy Healing Solutions.

​Gisella is a melanoma cancer survivor and was a long time sufferer of multiple chemical and electromagnetic field sensitivities. Her sensitivities were so extreme that she once lived in one room, sat outside on the beach, or sat outside in a field for years. Gisella lived an isolated life from her husband and three small children. She sometimes slept in her car when symptoms were at their worst. After trying many traditional and alternative medical treatments, and even learning some of them, such as Reiki and N.A.E.T., to name a few. she still had not experienced complete personal healing. Gisella then discovered energy healing, which became a large part of her healing. This technique and other modalities, which she learned, further deepened and completed her healing journey. This journey led her to help others with diverse emotional and health issues. 

​Having successfully helped many clients with various issues for the past eight years, Gisella made the decision to branch out on her own to develop a more effective approach to healing.  By bringing together all her diverse training and own healing experience into a highly effective ENERGY HEALING SOLUTION.

My Personal Testimonial
After years of chronic illness and emotional pain and trying countless modalities, traditional and non-traditional that did not work or worsened my condition. I was blessed to find and learn healing modalities that helped me heal from the many things I was suffering from. Working with Energy Medicine changed my life in ways I could never imagine. I have furthered my healing and my abilities to help others by continuing to learn and develop techniques and solutions to diverse health, emotional and spiritual issues. I have found that not everyone is the same therefore it is important to have more than one technique and healing plan for each person. Our issues and needs are not all the same. I have entered the field of energy therapy due to my healing from such extreme illnesses. It is my goal to help others who have suffered with such chronic illness and pain by customizing and searching for individual answers and finding the key to help others get their lives back as I did.

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My on call (Eastern Standard Time) hours are:
Monday: 9:30 am - 1:30 pm
Wednesday: 9:30 am - 3:30 pm
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