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Check out this new interview where Gisella speaks with MysticMag explaining more on the transformative power of Bioenergetic Medicine:

As physicians we focus on the physical body for healing. However, the mind and spirit are strongly connected to our physical body and therefore, our health. How many times have we heard that our thoughts are who we become? After years of medical practice as an internist and dealing with illness myself, I began researching the influence of the mind on health. I learned about the power of the subconscious mind in controlling our biology from lectures and books by authors Bruce Lipton, Joseph Ledoux, William Tiller, and Alex Lloyd. The ability to identify and clear traumas in the subconscious mind is called energy healing. I have learned by my own firsthand experience just how powerful a modality energy healing is in healing all illnesses. Energy healing clears the thoughts and physical triggers that “inflame” the body, thoughts and triggers that a patient is often not consciously aware of!

Gisella Carrick has a true God-given gift in practicing energy healing. Having had environmental illness herself, she understands the many thought patterns and physical barriers that cause disease. After practicing strict environmental control and nutrition for many years, I felt something was missing in my ability to heal fully. Gisella’s work with me has been liberating and incredible. She is able to find blocks in the mind and body that are specific to each person and can clear these blocks on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. I healed more from illness by working with Gisella Carrick and Energy Healing Solutions than I had in several years of physical treatment.

If you are tired of being ill and want to TRULY heal, start today and schedule a session with Gisella! 

Stephanie McCarter, MD

As an MD, I admit to having doubts about the value of energy work.  However, having seen the benefits for two other family members, I decided to try it.  The beneficial effects were clearly evident almost immediately.  As long as you are willing to do the work, I believe that Gisella can help you realize your full potential.

Over 30 years ago I had a severe shigella infection which had been treated with antibiotics for three months.  When working with Gisella, she found this infection, despite my not mentioning it (as I had forgotten about it), and was able to clear the residual infection from my body.  This cleared up many of the symptoms that I had had for the intervening years.

The work also uncovered some emotional blocks of which I was unaware. Clearing the emotional blocks also helped my physical problems.  The insights I have gained from working with Gisella have helped me understand the problems that other people are having.  It has made me able to be more sympathetic and caring.

I have found Gisella to have a servant’s heart, to be extremely thorough,  and to be willing to work with my busy schedule.  The work I have done with Gisella has been truly life changing.

John R Whiffen, MD